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Chilling Simplified

Enjoy ice cold drinks anywhere - and save time, money, and the environment while you do so. Swipe to learn how!

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Save Time

Our Chiller cools down drinks without ice. No ice means no store run. Skip straight to that part where you go have fun!

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Save Money

Never spend money on ice again! Every Chiller has freezing gel built in - just freeze it, load it, and go. A Chiller pays for itself in just a few uses.

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Save The Environment

When you don't buy bags of ice, you cut down waste of single use plastics and clean water resources. Woohoo! Every sale also supports clean water projects around the world.

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The Chiller by Chill Systems

Meet The Chiller

The Eco-Friendly, Portable Beverage Chiller

Enjoy ice cold drinks - anywhere! The Chiller cools down beer, wine, spirits and more - and it's only about the size of a football. Chill a new round every 30 minutes for up to 6 hours.

Save Time
Save Money
Save The Environment
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Chill your favorite drinks!

The Chiller cools a wide variety of beverages - beer, wine, spirits, soda, coffee, sports drinks, kombucha and more! You can chill three 12-16oz cans or bottles at a time, or a single wine or spirits bottle through the larger side opening.

Forget the big cooler - carry what you need.

Why lug around a heavy cooler built for 30 drinks if you'll probably end up drinking less than 12? Not to mention the $$ spent to buy ice! The Chiller fits that sweet spot. It's the fastest, easiest way to have ice cold drinks at the ready. It's perfect for just you, or yourself plus a few friends and family.

Show off your style!

When was the last time you got excited to show off your new cooler? Let's be honest, most coolers are pretty boring to look at. Our Chillers come in a variety of fun patterns that you'll love taking out with you!

Use your Chiller everywhere.

And we mean everywhere! The Chiller is great in the morning to chill coffee on your commute. It's great for an afternoon picnic. It's amazing for a beach sunset. You'll love it on weekends by the pool or BBQ, and you'll even love it at home on your couch when you just don't feel like getting up!

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